Orbs in Tivoli

I went to Tivoli with a friend of mine becuase he has gotten orbs on his pictures earlier.
So we went there to try and "catch" some, i've never had them appear on my pictures

Here's the orb in the middle and a smaller one just above but doesn't look the same. The smoke you see is the breath of a person who just passed by, notice no orbs in it.

No orbs here, i just wanted to show that the smoke is coming from the torch but there are no orbs in the smoke.

These orbs were pretty faint but it was my first picture where i had numerous.

The orb here is pretty obvious.

Now this one is pretty special, the halo you see is just a reflex that is illuminated by my flash, but notice the two intense lights right next to it and also at the boot in the bottom right. Even more curious is the three lights at the bottom of her left leg.

Here a reflex is illuminated by my flash again, notice no orbs in this so it wasn't a lens reflection.

I took this to check wether it was peoples breaths causing the orbs, obviously if that was the case there should have been a lot more.

I started pointed the camera upwards towards the black sky on a hunch i got.

This picture was taken only moments after the previous one and i could not see any smoke with my eyes, it only appeared on the picture. You can see movement in one of the orbs in the left side of the image.

I immediatly took this picture and the smoke was gone. The little smoke you see at the left is from a torch way below where i stood.

There was a water/light show at Tivoli, looked pretty cool with spotlights and lasers cutting through the springs of water. Again no orbs in the water vapor but the light that points at the camera illuminates the water in a way that looks like the orbs i could see with my own eyes in the moments the flash fired.

That's my friend Christians arm and camera you see here.

I pointed my camera upwards and blew across the view of my camera to test if my breath would cause orbs. It did not.

Another image of smoke appearing only on the picture, as you can see there a several orbs in it and also some appear to be moving.

I again tested my breath to see if the previous image was caused by my own breath, clearly there are no orbs in my breath, again.

I took this picture on the way out of Tivoli to see if orbs would be near this many people. What i got instead were these 2 persons who appear to be posing for the camera, they both have the same expressions on their faces. In fact they kinda look like siblings. Everyone else seems preoccupied with their own thoughts except these two, i just think they stand out so much.