My Symbol i was given in a meditation

B e c o m e   W h o   Y o u    W a n t   T o   B e

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12/31/2013: New years eve 2013 fireworks

New Years Eve 2013

08/08/2012: Updated the clouds gallery with more time lapses and the Widefield Astrophoto gallery too.

05/16/2012: Done with most of the new gallery. Still missing all the solar images.

04/25/2012: Started updating my new gallery. These links marked *DONE* are...well..done :).
New Gallery

05/25/2009: Showreel with Hellboy 2 material is back online.

07/13/2008: Showreel with Hellboy 2 material has been uploaded.

06/28/2008: I know my site hasn't been updated in a few years, but i've just uploaded my 2008 showreel. On july 13 i will update my showreel with my Hellboy 2 stuff.


2008 Showreel - Quicktime (98mb) SHOWREEL IS BACK

2008 Showreel without Hellboy 2 - Quicktime (65mb)


AVI DivX (26mb)
Quicktime (18mb)

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