These animations were made using 3DS MAX 1.2 during a training course i took.

The smoke is created using the particle combustion and added deflectors on the ship and platform to keep the particles from going through the objects. 1185kb

Animation of one of the subs.
sub3b2b 190kb

Animation one of the subs.
sub3b2c 177kb

Animation of one of the subs.
sub3b2d 158kb

Turret Gun firing its deadly plasma bolt.
Turret-Plasma-5aS 181kb

Tried to create something different here and the thing ended up goin through the spaceship with added particles for effect.
FlareDiskA 195kb

Simple test of how to do smoke trails using a particle emitter linked to the missile.
Missile3b 241kb

Thought this one looked cool enough to be here. It was made using the MiniFlare (freeware/demo version of GenesisVFX) and particles.
Spaceship 315kb

Wanted to fire off some missiles in this one. The smoke was created with the freeware ParticleCombustion which creates its own clouds in place of each particle.
Base-AttackPC2 832kb

Wanted to blow something up...well partialy.
SW-Fire 1544kb