These are just some various Imagine for Windows animations.

Working on a Battletech Reel with dropships, areospace fighers and mechs. This is the intro. Not much action goin on at this moment. Battletech Reel Intro 2234kb *DOWN*

This is a quickly made animation just to test if i could make it look a little cartoonish. So i didn't mess much with fine tuning the movement.
MadWalkTest1Toon1 1458kb

This is a walk cycle of the MarauderIIc-Mech.
MadWalkTest1Fresnel 1110kb

Just wanted to blow a building up like in Indepedence Day.
F-HouseFogBlast12 732kb

This is a test of the shutdown/startup sequence of the Rakshasa.
Uses the Divx codec.
Rakshasa Power Test 912kb

This is a of the leg joints in action.
Uses the Divx codec.
Rakshasa Leg Test 520kb

Testing the PPC weapon in action.
Uses the Divx codec.
PPC 64kb

Testing a single Long Range Missile.
Uses the Divx codec.
LRM 87kb

Banshee Double Punching.
Banshee Double Punch 1.1mb

Banshee Punching.
Banshee Punch 438kb

Banshee Pose.
Banshee Punch 875kb